Confirming the venue

We picked Ross Castle as our venue after reading about it online. ”Constructed in 1539 by The “Ferocious” O’Flahertys, one of the most distinguished tribes of Galway, the property was later acquired by the Martin Family who built the present manor house upon the former castle’s foundation. After two fires and much neglect, the McLaughlin family acquired the property in the 1980s and have spent the past several decades restoring the estate to its present splendor”.


Ross Castle is situated 9 miles from Galway City at the entrance to Connemara on the shores of Ross Lake. The estate sits on 120 acres, it includes an indoor pool and a tennis court.  We went to view the venue together first and the owner gave us a tour. A few weeks later when it was time to put down the deposit I went out with my mother and mother in law to be. Marshal, the owner is very proud of all the work she has done to restore the old buildings and grounds. She is a big part of the charm of the venue.


We will be having a religious blessing in the small chapel with 70 guests. Our priest is Fr Bailey from the Salthill Parish. The chapel has spectacular Tiffany stain glass windows which Marshals family brought over from the states.

We will then be dining with our guests in the vaults of the Manor house. Both our ceremony and dinner will be done in candle light only.


After dinner we will move to the Saint George which was Previously the estate’s courtyard stables for a party. We plan on having a dessert bar and a whiskey bar for guest to enjoy.


As we are not getting married in a hotel we will be providing the alcohol for our guest and are having caterers come to the venue for dinner. Allot of extra work is involved when having your wedding in a private manor house but the elegance and charm of Ross Castle makes it worth it. We will be lucky that our venue will be dedicated solely to our wedding that weekend.


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