The ring

Eanan had my engagement ring custom made for me but initially we decided that we would buy the ring in New York’s diamond district. We did a lot of research online and found the price difference between Ireland and the States to be huge. We booked our flights to NYC on the 6th of January and made appointments with some  jewellers for the first week in June.


 I found a simple 3 stone diamond ring that I loved. As the time got closer I contacted the company about the finer details, unfortunately since my ring size is lower than the average they would not have the ring for me to try on unless I paid a deposit for it a month in advance of our trip and we did not want to commit to a ring without trying it on first so I began looking again. The jump between the ring I originally wanted and the next one I had my eye on could not have been more extreme! 


I decided to contact Michael K a diamond dealer in Ireland about the ring I had my eye on to make sure I would not be disappointed again. He looked into it for me and explained the problems I may have with the setting on the band. I asked Michael if he could make me a ring like it but with a stronger setting and he immediately got on it.

I went back and forth between the idea of a pear cut canary diamond or a blue sapphire as my centre stone. Most people agreed that the sapphire would suit me better and after trying on a few dozen sapphire rings I decided to go with it. Michael went out of his way to find and secure me a flawless, pear cut, deep sea blue sapphire, which is incredibly hard to come by given the size and difficult cut. We met Michael in the G hotel where he showed us our sapphire before it was set in a band. This was excellent as we got to make sure that there were not problems with the stone that the band could hide.

Michael had contacts in London, Dubai, Israel and Brussels working on designing me the perfect setting for my stone. In the end my diamonds came from Israel.


We were kept updated with photos of our stones and setting through the entire process. It was a brilliant experience, one that I would recommend to anyone. I now have a beautiful ring, which is entirely unique to me. When you have a ring custom made, you are directly involved in the process, expressing your ideas and ensuring the ring will be even more stunning than a mass produced store bought ring.

I tried on the canary ring I liked to NYC just to be sure but it no longer wowed me after having held the blue sapphire. The canary now also seemed too flashy… Just because you can doesn’t always mean that you should. Since we booked our NYC trip for the purpose of getting a diamond ring Eanan bought me a little ring for my right hand so at this point I had managed to get 3 diamond rings, not too bad!



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