The wedding budget

The average cost of a wedding in Ireland is €23,395. Couples in Offaly spend on average the lowest in the country with a spend of €20,720 and couples in Wicklow spend the highest on average with a spend of €24,660 according to  July is the most expensive month to get married and February is the cheapest.


Since we had 22 months between booking our wedding and the big day itself we have spread out the cost of the wedding over almost two years. I set the unrealistic budget in March and after contacting suppliers I set the real budget in May. Excel is the only way to go and I also got a wedding planner.


We began by prioritising what was most important to us and for us the venue was the most important so after we got the price for that we began contacting suppliers and just googling the cost of things online. I looked at dozens of online budget check lists until finally I stopped seeing things I had not thought of. Then we began compiling the estimates.

Here are 7 simple rules to follow when setting your budget that I kept coming across when researching the topic online:

  • Take a Realistic Look at Your Finances
  • Be selective with the guest list
  • Verify if others plan to contribute to your wedding expenses
  • Open a separate wedding account to track spending
  • Determine where you want to spend the most/least
  • Pick a financially feasible wedding date
  • Resist the urge to splurge

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