Bridal party hangers DIY

The price of these hangers in stores can be ridiculous and this is probably the easiest wedding DIY project you can take on. There are two really popular types selling at the moment. One with the name or title in wire and the other with printed names, dates and so on.

The problem with the wire hanger is that if your bridesmaid is having a high neckline on their dress the wire will be covered. It is important to remember that if your bridesmaid is having a strapless dress to make sure you get a hanger with little notches in it.

I ordered vinyl stickers on etsy with my bridal party’s names, titles and the date of the wedding.


Steps for sticking on vinyl:

  • Clean the hanger so that there is no dust or dirt particles, use rubbing alcohol if you have it.
  • Use a measuring tape to decide where you would like to place the sticker and centre it.
  • Peel the decal back, if it doesn’t stick to the transfer tape at first then put the decal paper back by pushing it together with your fingers or use a bank card .
  • If it is a large sticker make sure that there are no bubbles.
  • Peel off the transfer tape.



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