Trans Siberian honeymoon

We will be doing the Trans Siberian express for our honeymoon. Starting in Moscow, Russia through Mongolia, China and then we will head back to Russia for a few days before flying home. We’ve decided that we will fly from Chita to Moscow on the way back as  we will only have 3 weeks to cover almost a 5th of the world’s hemisphere.

The weekly train leaves Moscow for Beijing every Tuesday night and is a 7,621 km journey. This train crosses Siberia, cuts across Mongolia and the Gobi desert, then enters China if you were to do it without stopping it would take 6 days.


We will be taking the Manchuria line from Beijing back into Russia stopping at Chita. The trip covers 2,795 km.

Eanan and I will be starting Chinese classes in NUIG this september so this should come in handy when we are travelling.


We plan on visiting these cities in Russia; Moscow,
St Petersburg & Chita. We will probably spend the least amount of time in Mongolia as we will see allot of the country on the train on the way to China but we will stay in Ulan Bator  &  Ulan Ude. We will have to prioritise in China because there are just so many places to visit. For now we are thinking of spending a few days in; Beijing, Shanghai, Xian &. Harbin.


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