The Photo booth (a wedding must have)

We have been to a few weddings this year and I have to say a photo booth is a must. If you have guests that are not big drinkers or dancers this is a great way to keep them happy. You can get some great photos and they are so much more fun when they’re taken in quick succession with some added props and cool backgrounds.

The photos are a great wedding favour for your guests. At Sarah & Marks wedding the guests were given one copy of the photos and another copy was taped into a guest book where you left the couple a message.

I wanted a photo booth but was worried that a big modern piece of technology would look out of place at our venue. Luckily there is a small room behind our dance floor that we will be dedicating to the photo booth. To personalise the photos we will be giving our guests extra props that link to us, I won’t give too much away but there will be some leopard print involved.

We will be using Wide Variety, they are a Dublin based company. They will be bringing the photo booth to our venue the morning of the wedding and taking it away the next day but there will only be an attendant at the booth for 3 hours. They were very helpful and accommodating as we will be placing the booth behind the dance floor they have agreed to leave it at our venue overnight as long as we have the room locked, so that they won’t be taking it out via our dance floor during our wedding.



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