Table, place & escort cards

I was just chatting with one of my bridesmaid about seating charts so I decided to do a post on the different ways to seat your guests at a wedding.

A table card is the piece of paper that identifies the table, usually with a number.


Place cards are specific and formal. A place card not only directs guests to the table where each will sit during the reception, but also points each guest to his or her particular seat at the table.

place card

Escort cards direct guests at a more informal wedding to their table number, where guests are free to choose their own seat.


If you’re having designated seating, you will need them all. 

The pros to having all 3 are:

  • The escort card at the entrance to the reception directs guests to their table. At the table, guests would then find their name at their assigned seat. This makes the serving staff’s job a bit easier when bringing the correct plated meals to guests.
  • Guests may like to take them home after the wedding as a memento.

The cons to not having all 3 are:

  • Guests may find it difficult to find their table and there may be an awkward moment for single guests if they end up between a couple by mistake.  .
  • The costs can add up especially if you are having a large wedding.

Which brings me to seating charts. Some couples choose to forego cards in lieu of a seating chart.


The pros of a seating chart:

  • It’s cost effective as it is just one piece.
  • It’s time saving if you are not having a wedding planner and are making or placing cards yourself.

The cons of a seating chart:

  • The seating chart has to be done well if it is going to work. Guests might still have a hard time finding their table. We were recently at a wedding that had a seating chart labeled with names but their tables were labeled with numbers. This caused so much confusion with the guests.
  • Guests don’t get to take your chart home as a keepsake.

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