Wedding DIY – Ribbon bouquet

What you will need:

Glue gun, pins (I used 3 types in each), ribbons, foam ball and a wooden stake.


Making the roses:

Making the roses is the trickiest part and can take some practice. I viewed a dozen or so tutorials on youtube and these two were the ones I found easiest to follow. Once you get the hang of this you can make a rose in under a minute.

I prefer to use a glue gun with these but remember if you do use a glue gun just use the minimum glue needed as it will make it hard to push the pin through if you use a lot of glue.

Shaping the bouquet:

You can get these foam balls in craft shops and sometimes they are for sale in Mr Price. It’s a messy job cutting these so I would suggest not trying to cut them exactly in half. Cut off about a third, that way you can make the base even after. If you can’t get it even cut out a circle of cardboard and glue it on. Make sure you hollow out the centre where you will add your handle, 3 inch should be enough to keep it sturdy


Adding the roses:

Add the roses, starting with the centre rose. I use the glue gun first and then add the pins. Keep them fairly tight. If there are some spaces do not worry as you can cover these up with some pins.

Cover the handle and base:

Use the glue gun and start from the bottom of the handle, wrap the ribbon around the stake gluing as you go. Cover the cardboard base with ribbon by folding it over and back, glue at each point. Then cover the handle with ribbon again to tidy it up.

Adding The pins:

I add the pearl pins first, this is when you will really get a feel of what the bouquet will look like. Then add the secondary pins. On one bouquet I decided to place the pins to the left side of every second ribbon rose.

Any spaces between the ribbon roses can now be filled with the 3rd style of pin, by chance in both of the bouquet I have made I only needed 4 larger pins to cover spaces.


Adding the brooches:

I added different but similar brooches to each bouquet. I will also be using different but similar pins for the secondary pins and larger pins on each bouquet.



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