Comfy flower girl shoes

While the bride’s walk down the aisle is the biggest moment in most weddings the flower girls always seem to do a great job at almost stealing the show. 

Being a flower girl is not an easy task. They will have to be in front of a lot of people and walk a long aisle while scattering rose petals or carrying flowers. So it’s important to ensure the girls are happy and comfortable because they probably will have no problem letting you and your guests know if they are not!

Converse, Michael Kors, Gap Kids & Rockland are just some of the brands doing glitter runners for toddlers and children.

We were recently at a wedding where the two flower girls wore silver glitter cons and they looked as cute as could be. It was great to see the kids running around the hotel and dancing the night away.


Another great thing about getting the flower girls shoes like these is that they will get to wear them again and to dress them up for a wedding you could swap out the laces for ribbon!


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