Wedding dress shopping

Today I went to Wedding World in Galway with my 3 bridesmaids, one of whom recently got engaged to try on some wedding dresses!


Jenny and I shared our hour long appointment and the staff were brilliant, they were very helpful with suggesting dresses we had not picked out but were not pushy at the same time. Jenny being very tall and myself being very short, both had different styles in mind and Wedding World had plenty of options for us to pick from.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when going wedding dress shopping.

  • Be open to trying on dresses the consultant picks out, you may surprise yourself!
  • Keep in mind the time of year you are getting married. I was roasting alive in one of the ball gown style dress I tried on after 10 minutes!
  • Wear a strapless and backless bra, Jenny’s black bra did not go with all the backless styles she discovered she liked today!
  • Sit down in the dress to see how it feels and how the fabric moves. I have seen some very upset brides post in the wedding forums about how they never sat in their dress until the day of the wedding and how they felt uncomfortable and self conscious.
  • If you find the dress you love ask if they can see it being in a sample sale any time soon. The staff at wedding world were fantastic and told me straight up that one of the dresses I tried on would be in a sample sale next week.

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