Mini moon Marrakech

3 days after we had our civil ceremony we went on a mini moon to Marrakech for 5 days. We went direct with ryanair and had booked about six months in advance so our flights worked out at just a little over 400 euro.

We stayed in Mogador Palace in a superior double room with a poolside view. The hotel was stunning, the staff were so helpful and attentive. The hotel is a 10 minutes drive from Djemaa El Fna square and from Marrakesh Airport. It features an indoor pool, multiple outdoor pools, a garden and fitness centre with a sauna, hammam and hot tub.

The hotel has 3 restaurants serving international and Moroccan food as well as a pool bar. There was a lovely man at reception serving Moroccan tea and treats throughout the day.

Marrakech in January is beautiful. It was in the high 20s most days except for one day when we felt like we were being cooked alive!  If you like oranges you will love Marrakech as orange trees grow like weeds there.


We did the typical tours around the markets and up into the Atlas mountains where we had a guide take us around on camels. I haggled for everything including the guided tours and found that you should never pay more than a third of what they originally ask.

The begging is pretty intense and it’s actually the children who will keep it going the longest, luckily they only ask men for money. The guys with monkeys on leads will follow you if you even glance their way and will expect you to pay them for merely looking. I personally found it very upsetting to see the conditions of the monkeys and tried my best to avoid them.

I only saw a few snake charmers and before I knew it I had a snake on me, at this point you are going to have to pay them. We spent a grand total of two minutes with the snakes and they tried to charge us 20 euro each, we gave them around 3 euro total. They were not happy and crowed Eanan looking for more money, it was not very busy at the time and there was a heavy police presence so I just pulled him away in the direction of the police and they gave up.


There are many beautiful gardens and old ruins to explore and there is a real sence of history in the city. Even though Marrakech is so close to Europe it is like stepping back in time so don’t expect good wifi anywhere!


  • Visit the Atlas mountains
  • Shop at Jemaa el-Fnaa
  • Get a guide for the Marrakech Souks
  • Visit El Badi Palace
  • Visit Saadian Tombs


  • Take pictures of snakes/ monkeys/ dancers unless you are prepared to pay
  • Buy argan oil from a stall





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